Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Before You Join Us - Please Read

You Must Agree to these Teachings
You must agree to these teachings and contact me to confirm:

You must believe Jesus/Yeshua is God in the Flesh, both man and God. You must strive to obey his teachings on Salvation and Godliness.

We teach that Faith without works is dead and that we must show God our faith.

Although we are not perfect, YET, we teach that we can Overcome all our sins by the grace of God if we have faith. We can stop sinning only through faith and by the Grace of God.

We teach that it is possible to lose your salvation if you fall away from God.

We do not believe in Once Saved Always Saved.

We teach that Matt. 5:30 is metaphorical and literal, both. (Matt. 5:30 – if your hand keeps sinning cut it off. (Literally)

We don't have to agree on every little detail, but these issues are uncompromising. Please, be willing to grow with us and let go of your old way of thinking. Anyone who teaches otherwise or contrary to these teachings will be immediately removed from the group. We do not debate or argue in this group.

If you can agree to these teachings you are welcome to contact me and request to join us. Just confirm your interest and consent in an email to this email address.

Send email to:

God, bless you all.



  1. I agree with you and your faith! You sound true to me... Allways looking for the truth in all things... You show us our faults and this is a good thing. We all have plenty to work on. I am praying for your new place to live. I saw your mold pics, it makes me feel bad. I get side tracked some times too. God Bless You+++

  2. Hi there, sent you an e-mail presenting myself. God bless you all
    in the name of Yahushua ha ha Maschiah

  3. Dear Levi,

    I just discovered you today and can see I've come to the right place. Like you, I do not see a pre-tribulation rapture, nor do I see there is Biblical proof of "once saved, always, saved." My own son-in-law is a Pastor and my daughter believes that simple phrase, saying that she will not go against her husband, nor against the church's view of eternal security by ever accepting the belief that we are not always saved.
    My understanding is that God rewards us as we stand faithful in obedience and love for Him. How is it that one can come to Jesus and then continue in sin, thinking that the sacrifice of Jesus still covers him? When Jesus said that the soul that sins will die, He gives no exceptions. Does He ever say, "EXCEPT those who have come to Me?" I don't see that, but see many warnings and directives to obey and remain IN Him. I’ve noticed that many small words in scripture have enormous meanings. To be IN Jesus means to be in constant communication with Him, to speak about Him and His promises, and to live in obedience to Him. I think we should be practicing for life under the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and that this is what God is looking for in our relationship with Him..
    In reading through scripture, I've found that the words of Jesus are provisional. IF we obey, we have life; IF we do not, we suffer consequences. I don't have a home church, (which bothers me) but I will visit churches occasionally. Although the sermons are faith-building, where are the admonitions to reach others? Where is the urgency that prophesies are being fulfilled right here in our present day? I hear NO words of urgency. The sermons might as well be from a hundred years ago; faith-building, yes, but no words are spoken about the critical times we're in. Or, am I missing something? Am I wrong to be critical of that?
    Scripture says to "not neglect the gathering of ourselves together, as some have the custom," but the lack of end times instruction causes me to avoid church attendance. Therefore, I am guilty of disregarding the gathering of myself to other Christians. It seems the focus is more about the activities and events the church is holding, i.e., Christmas decorating, potlucks, men's bowling, sewing groups, their Operation Santa Claus, in which toys are gathered and distributed, and Christmas caroling, to name items listed in the bulletin of a church I visited last Sunday. They might be individually worthwhile, but where is their plan for reaching others about the promises of Jesus and the hope of everlasting life, in a world that's falling apart all around us?
    I've heard it said that we can hear about end times in small home study groups, but don't the churches have a vital mission to speak about end times right there in their main services? Yet, end times are rarely, if ever, mentioned. So, I've become discouraged with churches, yet this is where fellowship is found.
    Am I one who is disregarding the “gathering together," or could I be of the "other flock" Jesus speaks about? I've met others who seem to be faithful followers of Jesus, yet are also discouraged with church. I am also disturbed by the prolonged and repeated singing of the same verses over and over and OVER again in the worship hymns at church! By the time the verses are sung for the fourth time and yet even a FIFTH time, I feel forced. I become resentful of the repetition, which changes my worship from spontaneous to irritation. Am I wrong? Is my worship in the wrong spirit? These are my feelings about my spirituality and views I have about churches today. How can your online ministry fulfill our obligation to gather ourselves together? I desire fellowship. I want to gather together with those who are like-minded, but where is a body of like-minded believers? How is a church unified when differing beliefs are scattered among the congregation? Where is the unity in that?
    I'm looking forward to your communication.

    VJ Vicari

    1. So true about repetition and lack of Holy Spirit in many churches. Saints hungering for Gods word and truth. Walking away from services still hungry starving for word. Blessing to be able to listen to teaching of scriptures

  4. Aka “IronSharpensIron45”
    This is a post I took down(at least I altered my current pastor who we are actually leaving his church finally we think) after three weeks off weed, my wife and I live a lonely life and all this is true. But Got
    James 1

    This is open letter to the(my town)and churches, my name is clint I’ve been here for 16 years married to my wife Lydia and have three children and this is a plea and a cry to ask for help in understanding the treatment of my family since we moved here(and I’m not trying to play the damn victim role but that’s the first thing in your mind this is a cry for help and intervention), this is a open letter that I wrote to my pastor but then thought it’s not only his fault it’s the churches, community and ultimately my fault for not standing up in the church’s or moving away to another town maybe or like most of you think understanding my mental capacity in dealing with all this exclusion and rejection, even though I went to the VA and had a full psychological eval and have been completely cleared, at least they haven’t contacted me to tell me that I’m crazy so I’ll go on silence and nobody showing up at my door with a straight jacket as my story is legitimate, I should have long time ago stood up in addressing this issue (I actually have at Calvary chapel and the police was called on me for calling that pastor out and questioning the lack of love and discipleship in his church)that no one wants to even touch, you say I’m whining and I’m crying but how do you live in a town for 16 years and go to four different churches and not one time in any of those periods where my kids asked over for a play date or into your family’s lives ( and we’ve always been loved from the four from arms distance table scraps breadcrumbs if you will is the kind of welcome and love my family has received)no one has embraced us, how do you cry out for help to the men in these churches and get Stonewall reaction & ignored, case in point: we where at a men’s Retreat two winters ago and there was this ritual (Strange to me at least)Masonic like ritual the pastor had us partake in as some kind secret ceremonious repentance where we write down our sins on a piece of paper and throw it in a wooden coffin ⚰️ and then it was to be burned at a campfire �� not to far away after the men put all there papers in it and took a cut nail and each hammers the lid shut, which instantly was pricked in my spirit to ask the pastor “you know I’d really like to say these sins in front of the men so I can get some accountability because I’m struggling with some things” And the pastors shuts me down and says”no this isn’t the time,” And you say why didn’t you tell someone there, I did, and I was also ostracized at that men’s retreat labeled and excluded, no one would talk or interact me, or the Three people (Derrick, Brian, Shane,) if I’m the problem how come they were treated the same way?) These three experienced the same treatment really except for playing card games and small talk except they where ostracized and avoided like me,except for one man and he knows who he is,(Hal)but have not heard anything from him sense that retreat two years ago, the man I bared my soul to, but like so many other times my cries and please have been buried because I guess I’m too difficult to deal with but I’ve always been open and wanted brotherly love and fellowship (I spent $100 on 10 three book sets of Christian in complete armor by William Granall two years ago put the call out on Facebook at my church and told my pastor I want to start a men’s accountability group because of my struggles) pt1

  5. yes brother i agree with everything u are teaching , im a new testament saint too i will join thank you

  6. im bro raul from pomona california

  7. Hello brother Levi, I've watch your channel when I was a babe in Christ. I was pulled into a church that taught me lies unknowning due to the limited time i had been discipled at the start
    I questioned there teachings, but yet i went anyway. GOD woke me up out of my sleep, i am fed up with it all. And want other brothers and sisters to be awake from it all, but lack the knowledge and understanding, but praying God will give it to me. I pray you will allow me to be apart of this church because i really need a home and to be discipled to as God had wanted from the very start.

  8. Obama WILL Be the Next/Last Secretary General to the United Nations, Calling for the Formation of the New World Order.

    This Will happen in 2 years.

  9. I do much thank God Almighty for someone like you in this generation of ours.
    Who still stand out publicly to give out the Gospel to others..
    May u continue to be Bless

  10. Enjoy your teachings. During broadcast a little frustrated at elder gentleman with hat and glasses. He interrupts and doesn't seem to hear you when you are trying to allow someone else to speak