Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Before You Join Us - Please Read

You Must Agree to these Teachings
You must agree to these teachings and contact me to confirm:

You must believe Jesus/Yeshua is God in the Flesh, both man and God. You must strive to obey his teachings on Salvation and Godliness.

We teach that Faith without works is dead and that we must show God our faith.

Although we are not perfect, YET, we teach that we can Overcome all our sins by the grace of God if we have faith. We can stop sinning only through faith and by the Grace of God.

We teach that it is possible to lose your salvation if you fall away from God.

We do not believe in Once Saved Always Saved.

We teach that Matt. 5:30 is metaphorical and literal, both. (Matt. 5:30 – if your hand keeps sinning cut it off. (Literally)

We don't have to agree on every little detail, but these issues are uncompromising. Please, be willing to grow with us and let go of your old way of thinking. Anyone who teaches otherwise or contrary to these teachings will be immediately removed from the group. We do not debate or argue in this group.

If you can agree to these teachings you are welcome to contact me and request to join us. Just confirm your interest and consent in an email to this email address.

Send email to:

God, bless you all.


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  1. I agree with you and your faith! You sound true to me... Allways looking for the truth in all things... You show us our faults and this is a good thing. We all have plenty to work on. I am praying for your new place to live. I saw your mold pics, it makes me feel bad. I get side tracked some times too. God Bless You+++